From the recording The Last Day In November


Is it finally time
to separate
Is it finally time
to take some time apart

Not knowing
Not hearing
Not seeing
And all of this
That some call the bliss
Of the faithful
It sounds like a leap
Whereas my two feet
Are firmly planted
In ignorance
Or just boringly
What's supposed to be
I wonder

A life unexamined is not worth it
So a dude once said
But I'm not quite comfortable
Under your eye
And even with whatever
You could ever come up with
It would hardly be enough
To fill a pie in the sky

What you do is divine
-ly hide yourself away from me

The young garden of love
Got plowed under by experience
Innoncence and roses
Hedged in by briars
With monks making their rounds
And making no sound
Took up residence
And sowed seeds
For thorns to grow
Heads bowed low
But they left the gate open
They left the window open
And it's now freezing inside

What you do is divine
-ly hide yourself away from me

We were supposed to be saved
Were supposed to be brave
Supposed to have nothing to lose
But to be the few
In the land of milk and honey
No need for money honey
No one looking down their nose
At our ecstatic throes
Instead of lost on this highway
It's taking its toll
With our thumbs stuck out
Our privates not private
For all the world to see
As they glare and blare
Their horns as they
Pass us by
No wonder why I'm so shy
I showed you mine
You won't show me yours
You won't let me see
What I'm supposed to see
To help me be
What you'd have of me
I wonder
I wonder why