Il est possible de voyager sans matériellement changer de lieu, voyager dans l’enchevêtrement des oscillations et des vibrations de la musique d’Elwood, dans ce tissage qu'il fabrique. 
En anglais « fabric » c’est d’ailleurs le tissu, la structure, le matériau. 
Ici, le jeu des cordes, des harmonies, de voix et de banjo, créent un maillage familier et par des ruptures, des accélérations, en traversant les phases, dans une permanente métamorphose, dedans ça danse. 

Leaving his native land United States and traditional repertoire, Elwood Stroud has forged a mixture of his roots with a European influence to create a sound which has been described as “elsewhere.” Having worked with bands Elwood & Guthrie, Mercaptan, Quadrille, improv with Christopher Barnett and Laurent Berthomier, and other experiments... people often tell him after a show that it was like a trance, and though he would never deign to claim that as an objective, he pretty much feels the same. 

His new solo banjo project and album "The Last Day in November" are going on the road. You can also access his music here. Feel free to take a moment and say hi or ask a question. And... check out what his alter ego is getting up to in the short story section. Sign up to his mailing list to get a free short story available only to subscribers.